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Damn the man! 'Lord of Illusion' indeed. One might as well call him a cheat and a liar - it results in the same thing.

The arrogance! To challenge me, a man a hundred years his junior, to a friendly game, and for what? The stakes were a pittance. One world? The fate of a few years of my time?

He trounced me in a mere two days. Any Inquestor would call that foul, to take on one so clearly beneath you, to toy with them and laugh at their failings. But to do so in such a manner...

Has the man no honor? No pride? No dignity?!

Makrugh is an ancient game, given to us to choose the fate of worlds so that we might combat the forces of stagnation. To destroy worlds is our burden, and to think otherwise is paramount to heresy.

No others should be forced to suffer the High Compassion. To choose who should live and die, based upon the greater good, is something no human should be forced to bear - and so it falls to us to bloody our hands.

But he - he ignored that. He pitted petty k'nglings against each other, turning fear and ignorance and greed into weapons to force fools to do his killing for him. And for what? A belief in one God or another? A need to prove one man's ego and power?

For that, two billion died?

How dare he. To take our holy work and pervert it in such a way, sullying the hands of the innocents we are sworn to protect!

There was nothing salvageable from the world. It might be a barren wasteland for all eternity. And its people...they are but shells of what they once were, scarred by the horrors they witnessed.

And he doesn't care. When I sacrifice a world, it is out of necessity and commitment to the greater good, not out of arrogance! Those K'nglings would never understand how the destruction of a world should serve a higher purpose. And he...

He knew. He knew how easy it would be to turn them against each other. A planet resting so carefully on the edge of destruction...I wonder if he planned it that way. A challenge for me not to defeat his machinations, but to watch as a world tore itself apart, not for the grand schemes of an Inquestor, or the needs of a greater populace, but because of its own blind people.

Is that not the greatest example of the necessity of Inquestors? That humans are so weak, so fragile that even the hint of power can corrupt and destroy them. Such a heavy responsibility rests in our hands; to protect and care for the whole dispersal of man, not just the individual players.

Normal humans seem incapable of seeing it. And Kaaree too. If he would let a world be destroyed in such a wasteful manner, rather than nurturing it into a meaningful sacrifice...its almost as if he's spitting in the face of all we struggle to achieve.

I won't forgive him for this. The man is a monster, twisting peoples beliefs and taunting the very core of our great society.

How could he? And how could they let him get away with this? To allow such waste and arrogance...

No, I will not try to understand the logic, either theirs or his. Such madness is not worth my time or my despair.


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