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I had not thought that selfwriting could possibly be a beneficial way of spending my time. It seems so...dangerous. In a government so dedicated to perfection and deceit it is completely possible that my every word could be monitored, just as it is possible that even now my thoughts are watched. To have my mind frozen as computer data for all eternity, is not that even more dangerous?

But if I were to fall into the trap of paranoia I would have done it long ago. I would have been branded a heretic, rather than have been made a full Inquestor. Though what greater punishment could there be, than becoming exactly that? Shackled by dogma and tradition, unable to move or even think...

But no, I should not dwell on that. Even now I am beginning to learn how to move within the structure of the Inquest. I must do this. The Dispersal of Man depends on me, and on my compassion and understanding. I, and my fellow Inquestors, are the rulers of all humanity. It is our responsibility to be perfect.

No matter how much that perfection hurts.

As a side note, I met the strangest man while visiting Celak-tisal. He had the most intriguing scars on his face and body, and treated me as though I was an equal. Our conversations were strange, but I found them pleasant. It is far too rare that I find anyone willing to speak to me as a person, not a god. He disappeared a few days after I met him, which was unfortunate as I would have liked to invite him to join my court. Such insight is rare among the commoners, and it is a shame that I let him get away.

He seemed almost familiar...I wonder why.


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