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[Karakael - a tall man in a mask and purple cloak - opens the portal to Elloran's time and space and leaves Yumihara at the entrance to Elloran's palace. After the wild riot of colors that overflow the space between the worlds, Uran S'Varek and Arezhdur seem bland in comparison. Behind her is a green sky and an endless horizon dotted with flowers that on closer inspection are distant cities.

Arezhdur, Elloran's palace, is hanging above one such petalcity. The palace is huge, filling the sky over the city, and is a patch-work of circles, domes and pyramids. Steps join the two, bridging the gap between the highest city platform and the lowest palace extension.

Elloran is standing at exactly the midpoint of the stairway, a grin plastered across his face. He wears a modified Roman toga that is iridescent blue and has a pink fuzzy cloak thrown over the whole ensemble. He calls out something to Karakael in a foreign language, but the man has already turned to leave. A shrug and he decends the final few stairs, each step letting out a bell tone when his feet touch it.]

Hello! You must be Yuumie. Welcome to my home.

[He bows low.]

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Whoa....[When Nozomi arrives, she can do little more than gape at the the bizarre surroundings, her mouth agape.]

It's like some giant fairy tale!! [Her wonder dissolves into a bright smile, excited at the view. At the sound of the man's steps, she spins on her heel and sees Elloran descending the stairway.]

Oh! Hi there! [She grins, and waves.] Nozomi's okay! Just call me that!


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