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I asked the starship if he felt pain.
He said:
You, O High Inquestor, you
ask me this, you
whose blood is distilled from the tears
of dying planets?
- The Dawning Shadow

o dhandas! o dhandas!
tam'planzho. tam'planzho.
o dhandas! o dhandas!

You are dead. You are dead.
I weep for you. I weep for you.
You are dead. You are dead.
- Lament for a wasted planet - from the Dawning Shadow

A million young boys dreamed of the stars.
Nine hundred thousand grew up and forgot.
One hundred thousand became childsoldiers;
ninety-nine thousand died.
Nine hundred came home; they tilled the soil, danced, sang, and forgot.
Ninety grew rich and renowned.
Nine sought out and discovered new worlds.
One became and Inquestor:
and lo! He gave the command.
He yawned the stars from his lips
for a million young boys to dream of.
- Gallendaran children's song; from the Dawning Shadow

eih! asheverain
am-planzhet ka dhand-eruden;
eih! skrikam, skrikam:
pu eyah chitarans hyemadh?

Ai! after the Dispersal of Man
we wept for the dead earth;
Ai! we cried, we cried:
"Where is the homeworld of the heart?"
- p. 2, Utopia Hunters

hokhte inchitras eih Enguester
merans peraiueuris shtenda eluktiera?
neyah: luktain ke atheramyrah
nukt' eyah eniing vas;
kat lukti chitra tembara makhash.

Did you think, O high Inquestor
You had reached the day's brightest moment?
Ah no. In the light of a million suns
It was night that you saw;
For the heart of light is a mighty darkness.
- p. 56, Utopia Hunters
(note: you know what they say about shadows and light... "The shadow of a shadow is light." but what does that say of the shadow of a shadow's shadow, Loreh?)

chom vizhvila anthan
et ashevraih z dhendaih eka;
nikin shtah peranthanda z perdhandanda
et tashas za ekdeaih.

xa, hokte Enguester, xa
vain ishpran es-detun,
kat k'nam jivyten dhanat' ney'vio:
em-shtendut imnezna.

As a flower blooms but to scatter its seeds and die, so must a planet ripen and perish, that it may yield its Rememberers:
It is thus, O Inquestor, that you have given us hope. No longer is death the purpose of life. Rememberance has become its purpose.

suvitek Enguester pelai ke shehtraot' varung
ekeiry; ea ke talor' keravishen.
eih kreisnevyureke Enguestrek hokhte:
feravah; ng'eka zyh seres? es kat
nan leluktuaremmyrein kechaikaiske,
krudhans vyrein ekbreindaiske, dhanati
shelynein keklaiskais, veveraipaiske
pa' braxein zi, es-dende ke
ney'vio et sha zhaksho kalokas?

We two will soon be gone, the ancient Inquestor and the demented singer; so come, Inquestrix of the cloud-crystal eyes, to the throne of tragedy. They are all asking: Will you be the one? Is it you who will cause to be blinded the million laser eyes, and the fires of rage to be doused, who will shut down the death-moons and lay down your arms and say: No more will I hunt utopias?
- Utopia Hunters p. 191
(note: Perhaps she took this a bit too far to heart, poor child.)

xa, xa hokhte Enguester
sha tihssis shirenzhen in darein?
sha tihssis on' makhashas greuras,
ura in urein?

Ah, ah, O High Inquestor:
Do you yearn to touch the silence between the stars?
Do you long to touch the great gray spaces
In the space between spaces?
- P. 234 Utopia Hunters

shenom na chitarans hyemadha
u athera tinjeh eruden
z irsai yver tembaraxein kreshpah
z purreh y'Enguestren tinjeh

We yearn for the heart's homeworld
where the sun touches the earth
and rainbows encircle the mountains of darkness
and the Inquestor bends down to touch the beggar child.
- final page of Utopia Hunters
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