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The picture clicks on to a room. It is small and quiet - a rarity for anything to do with Ton Elloran, as he is constantly surrounded by music and large spaces. The man himself is seated on the floor, cushioned in a dent in the apparent wood. The floor moves each time he shifts.

Beside him is a plate of tea, balanced perfectly on a set of scrolls and manuals. In front of him is a laptop, almost laughably 'normal' in a room as alien as his. Yet the cords trailing from it sink directly into the floor, looking more like intestines rather than powers strips or internet connectors.

He shifts again, and his garment makes a complaining rustle. Its colors shift constantly from dark blue to light pink, and it is an organic thing much as everything else in the room. He pats it absentmindedly, and the rustling quiets down.

A video file plays through on the laptop and the Inquestor watches it with a worried expression on his face. It is obvious this is not the first view of the video. He speaks aloud.

"How could that be me? How could that be him?" He leans backwards, and the floor readjusts itself to allow for his discontented slouch.

"Perhaps...perhaps I have judged him too soon." Elloran sighs, and runs a hand through his hair, tousling it more.

"I wish Sajit were here. He would understand." As the video fades, Elloran touches a bead at his throat, and a lonely, quiet piece of music begins to play.


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